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Kate Middleton Lookalike

Andy & Jodie have worked together for years and make an ideal Wills and Kate available to hire

uptheaisle Kate Middleton Lookalike

Jodie is regarded as the best Kate Middleton Lookalike available to hire. Jodie has been the leading Kate working within the industry for the past three years and is a highly confident model and actress. Jodie has the most experience impersonating the future Queen and is incredibly easy to work with. Jodie is the star of the T-Mobile Viral Video of 2010 and the lookalike used in Alison Jackson’s book ‘Up the Aisle’.

If you are interested in hiring Jodie then please use the contact page.


jodiebredo Kate Middleton Lookalikejodiebredo1 Kate Middleton Lookalike

Clien ts Kate Middleton Lookalike

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