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lookalikes channel 4

channel 4 lookalikes

Channel 4 has commissioned ‘Lookalikes’ a documentary meets structured reality show, centring on the genuine Eastbourne based ‘Lookalikes Talent Agency’. The programme will be broadcast later this year, while a 1×8’ Short teaser launched on All 4 last week, creating a huge stir.

Run by the (not so) one and only ‘David Beckham’ (aka Andy Harmer), himself an experienced professional lookalike, the Lookalikes Talent Agency is in a constant battle to survive in the competitive world of celebrity lookalikes. The show charts the antics of the agency and the almost-famous faces on their books as they struggle with the pitfalls of being in the lookalikes world and the fluctuating popularity of their celebrity doppelgängers.

The agency is a revolving door for those who happen to look like some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry and make a living doing so. The problem is can they turn off the act at the end of the day?

The Channel 4 series will pick up with the characters introduced in the All 4 Short and take a wry look at everyone from ‘Barack Obama’ and ‘Ed Sheeran’ to ‘Harry Styles’ and ‘Simon Cowell’ as they go about their personal and professional lives and hang out together. Whether it’s ‘Gordon Ramsey’ struggling to cook on a hot date, to big agency meetings with US stars ‘Colin Farrell’ and ‘Mr Bean’ or ‘David Brent’ quitting his office job, the show will provide a skewed take on the lives of our favourite celebrities.

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